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A case of EGYPT-AID?
Several recent articles have appeared in different global online sourcs revealing the role Egypt plays in the development of other nations in Africa and Asia. 

This story in reveals that Egypt is training policemen in Mozambique  in anti-terror techniques

Meanwhile... Sri Lanka is pretty excited about the MOU signed with Egypt to pave way for religious training and educational grants.

Also... Egypt's successful tourism recovery (after being on travel advisories because of terrorism) is cited as a model for Kenya now that terror's blight has hit there.

Attempts... Egypt and Sudan to work together to become regional oil powerhouse?

Tragedy in Abu Tig
Noxious sewage fumes kill 6 villagers. Here it says the cause was a bride dragging furniture against an old floor. Elsewhere it says a housewife was trying to unclog a pipe

Egypt not part of 2004 Paris-Dakar?

Web posted by Tarek Atia Wednesday, July 2, 20:00 CAIRO


Stuck in the middle?
The sum up of the modified foods --- botched FTA matter, according to the EU Observer
"According to the Financial Times the Egyptian authorities had been shocked by the way the US presented its case.... One official is quoted as saying "The way it was announced was like a war with the EU, and we cannot go to war with the EU," he said. "It is 40 per cent of our trade.""

Win either way
Shabana defeats Darwich in all-Egyptian Spanish squash final

Why censor?
A multi faceted look at different forms of censorship with an especially harsh take on Egypt's banning of the Matrix Reloaded.

Anwar and Cleopatra... Just two Egyptian geese loose in Philadelphia...

Web posted by Tarek Atia Tuesday, July 1, 5:00 CAIRO


Deviant thought on trial?
Al-Ahram Weekly looks at the controversial court case involving 3 UK citizens and a banned group called Hezb u Tahrir. The Weekly comments on the spotlight that's been put on the case, quoting one of the defendant's mother: "The prosecution did not think the British authorities would pay any attention to the case since the defendants are Muslims, and they are very surprised at what has happened." 

The international press has indeed been covering this one heavily. An example of that can be found in this article in a Scottish paper.

Meanwhile... Will an Egyptian al-Qaeda big wig being held in Iran soon be extradited to Egypt? Not likely, this article says...

The real reason?
Is Egypt's withdrawal from a controversial US biotech foods case against Europe the key to the sudden downgrade from its quest for a Free Trade Agreement with America? This Washington Times article suggests it might be

Negotiator informed
Egypt briefed on Palestinian ceasefire plans

Playing well
Egyptian squash man Karim Darwich playing well in Spain

Web posted by Tarek Atia Sunday, June 29, 12:00 CAIRO


endless quest?
Is Fayed just a little bit closer to seeing the light on foul play accusations regarding Dodi and Di's death?

A race of another sort
An item in Middle East Online provides more information on Egypt's bid to host he 2010 World Cup. The most surprising tidbit is the one that reveals how early these things are chosen. In this case, the winner will be chosen as soon as May 20, 2004. Now that Egypt has submitted a formal bid, inspectors from FIFA will be touring the country and evaluating for the next 6 months.

Tragic tales
Egyptian pizza store owner killed in bad neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, USA. El-Said Abid's philosophy was to deliver pizzas even in bad neighborhoods...

Another Egyptian immigrant to the US, Zeinhom Ramadan of New Jersey, may soon be deported even though he is a law abiding citizen. The reason -- he was late to register under the immigration service's new law

Meanwhile... Egyptian-American 9-11 fake ID seller Atriss back in the news again after media companies manage to get secret hearings released...

Doreen's biscuits
The Paisley Daily Express, a Scottish newspaper, recounts the tale of a Scotland-native long time Cairene named Doreen who found her favorite Scottish biscuits by chance in the super market one day. The rest, as they say, is history...

Web posted by Tarek Atia Saturday, June 28, 4:00 CAIRO



Refusing to sugar coat it 
US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick pours reality on Egypt's hope for a US FTA:
"We see glimmers of light [in Egypt] but I'm not going to sugar-coat it for people. Egypt has some work to do," said Mr Zoellick. "We know Egypt is the traditional heart of the Arab world. But this isn't going to be handed to them just because Egypt is a big and important country."

1 billion
That's how much Shell will be investing in Egypt in the next few years

Urban refugees
That's what the 30-40,000 Sudanese refugees in Cairo are called by the Voice of America article, which also features a debate on whether or not refugees are good for an economy... 

Soccer... Egypt gets good "bye" for 2006 World Cup

Update... Just a wee bit of additional information (not much mind you) in this Cellular News piece about Egypt Telecom's interest in buying shares in Vodafone Egypt

Web posted by Tarek Atia Thursday, June 26, 5:00 CAIRO


Egypt's efforts fruitful?
This AP report makes it seem like Hamas is close to accepting a ceasefire, partly as a result of Egyptian mediation efforts.

Geopolitical dance
A report from the big belly dance festival that recently took place... Al-Zaieem covered the lead up to the fest here.

Mombasa tea party
Egypt buys a lot of tea at the Mombasa auction...

Web posted by Tarek Atia Tuesday, June 24, 13:00 CAIRO


Strange solution...
Egypt Telecom plans to try and purchase 16 per cent of Vodafone Egypt off of Vodafone international, reports Al-Ahram... The going price is estimated at LE50 per share.

This would be the solution that we have been hearing about for the past few weeks... considering the fact that the national phone company seems highly unwilling to actually start its own mobile network, even though that's what had been planned all along, it already has the license, and the president said it must....

Another big meeting in Sharm
This time it's the World Trade Organization, and they're talking about subsidies and medicine...

Meanwhile, at the special Davos summit in Jordan, Foreign Minister Maher says Egypt will continue trying to broker meetings between Palestinian factions seeking a cease fire. He says, however, that Egypt's work is made more difficult by Sharon's intransigence, and his continuing insistence on targeted killings...

Not religious
Big conference aims to eliminate female circumcision

Trial on
The trial of the three Britons accused of reinvigorating the banned Hizb u-Tahreer movement in Egypt is set to restart soon...

The times are a changin...
Interesting Boston Globe column by a man who has visited Egypt sporadically over the past few decades and noticed the political changes that have taken place. Basically, he only quotes a couple of experts but comes up with a fairly accurate analysis: that there is no denying the overwhelming role moderate Islam plays in Egyptian society today. What that role will become in the future largely depends on how the government reacts to the changes now. Will it become more extremist? Will it become co-opted? Will an alternative be provided? These are all questions that will probably be answered in the next few years...

Web posted by Tarek Atia Monday, June 23, 15:00 CAIRO


Calling for peace
"Bush," reports AFP, "said he had asked Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak 'to work with the Palestinian Authority to consolidate their security forces under prime minister (Mahmud) Abbas' to improve their abilities to dismantle terrorist groups."

A US arms control official discusses regional nuclear proliferation with Foreign Minister Maher, but the issue of Israeli nukes is conveniently skirted around by the US.

"Letís start with whatever we can start with"
Saadeddin Ibrahim is optimistic that democratic reform is impending in Egypt and the Middle East. His views, he readily admits, may land him back in prison. 

The Christian Science Monitor, meanwhile, also does a story on democratization and human rights, using Ibrahim as its focal point. After reading the article, it remains unclear as to whether the embattled sociologist is being allowed to reopen the Ibn Khaldum Center. The way he explains what's going on is as follows: "There is the old guard, left over from the authoritarian Nasser years... And there are new forces that are trying to join the world and to liberalize ... society, but that young wing backs down when there is a confrontation."

The same story also rounds up other human rights news, like the new laws passed by parliament promoting human rights, and the banning of two NGOs...

Aiming for peace
Suzanne Mubarak launches an international women's peace movement in Switzerland. She says she doesn't want the organization to be just for first ladies -- that it must also work at the community level.

Web posted by Tarek Atia Sunday, June 22, 3:00 CAIRO


More... As this Fox Sports story makes clear, the only way Egypt might not make the finals is if Madagascar scores at least 18 goals in its upcoming match with Mauritius..

Ahmed Belal does a super hat trick, scoring four goals in the match

The Egyptian national soccer team crushed Madagascar in an early Friday evening match in Port Said. The victory practically guarantees Egypt's entry into the African Cup finals. 

Web posted by Tarek Atia Friday, June 20, 23:00 CAIRO


Friday in Port Said
Big game for the national soccer team against Madagascar on Friday in Port Said. Without a win, there's a pretty good chance Egypt won't make the African Cup. That's a shame, since the Egyptian team is the tournament's most successful team in history, as this report makes clear.

Gamaa rift?
Reuters makes a big deal out of one sentence in a released militant's interview with al-Hayat. 

What's a Jerboa?
Egyptian animal amongst controversial, potentially disease carrying pets. Meanwhile, here's a page that's all about jerboas including pictures

Web posted by Tarek Atia Thursday, June 19, 20:00 CAIRO







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