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Glitter alley
This is perhaps Cairo's most famous qahwa, or coffeehouse. It's located in the center of the amazing Khan El-Khalili bazaar, and is a favorite hangout for locals and tourists. Tell us the qahwa's name and win an exclusive cairolive.com "I Love Torshi" sticker.
Hint:The name is written on one of the chairs in the photo.

Enter your answers here. 
Please include your mailing address so we can send you your prize if you are a winner.

Good luck!

The first 10 people to submit correct answers will receive an exclusive cairolive.com "I love Torshi" sticker. 


How sweet it is...
Obviously, everybody loves batata, or sweet potato, which was the right answer to our last pic contest, where we asked you to tell us what this street vendor is selling.

Congratulations to the 24 people who got it right. 

Rami Mangoubi
Abb Nofal
Sarah Abdelmesih
Bahir Keldany
Wesam Masoud
Essam Khedr
Elmoataz Abdel Fattah
Ahmed Al-Sahhar
Osama Rady
Nermeen Galal
Caroline Evanoff 
Sami Barakat
Rana El-Maraashly
Magd Fahmy
Mounir Gad

Shahenda R Elchiaty
Tetiana Anderson
Inas El-Sabban
Omar Atia
Inas Hamam
Ashraf Elkady
Sherif Abdel-Fattah


Looking forward, looking back
It was probably our easiest pic yet...
All you had to do was tell us the name of the pharaoh whose statue graces the central Cairo square of the same name... 

The answer, of course, is Ramsis II, and a whopping 19 winning entries arrived in a very brief amount of time. So we're giving everybody who answered correctly a sticker this time, and not just the first ten we got.
Congratulations to the following recipients of an exclusive cairolive.com "I Love Torshi" sicker.

Ahmed El-Sahhar
Anki Hagberg
Christian Enge
Ute Weber
Islam Eldewek
Dina Saad
Nelly Saad
Irene Makary-Abourizk
Magd Fahmy
Terri Krieger
Robin Jones
B. Abdelmesih
Marilyne Herve
Rana El Maraashly
Claudia Espinosaf
Robin Dougherty
Karim Fahmy
Nahla Samaha


Doorkeeper to antiquity
We asked you where this doorknocker came from. A lot of you knew. Or maybe the clue -- that the building turned 100 this year and there was an article about it on cairolive.com -- helped out. In any case, the right answer was the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square and the following twelve people were right on the mark. 
Congratulations! Your exclusive cairolive.com "I Love Torshi" stickers are on the way...

Dina Saad
Ashraf Moftah
Ahmed Al-Sahhar
Karen Alexander
Dr Wesam Masoud
Aya ElMaraashly
Amr Mohammed
Sarah El Kady
Inas Hamam
Marcia Lynx Qualey
Anki Hagberg
Sherif Abdel-Fattah


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